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Welcome to WebSnake, the next generation in web surfing! Your days of spending long hours slogging from page to page, link to link are over. Sound too good to be true? Believe it. With WebSnake's dynamic Internet tools, you can:

Download a website for off-line browsing, which means you can view the entire site on your own computer much faster than if you were on-line. And, you save money on dial-up costs, too!
Duplicate or mirror a website, including the directory structure. Great for webmasters and web designers to see how a website is setup.
Copy virtually all the e-mail addresses referenced in a website's HTML files. These e-mail addresses can later be exported into a comma or tab delimited database file. The applications of this range from simple research to broadcast e-mail marketing.
Build a map of the HTML files referenced in a website. If you need to know the structure of a remote website? This is your tool.
Search for specific keywords on a website. Get the information you need in a flash.
Retrieve specific types of files-- like all the cool graphics, sounds (WAV files), or movies (AVI files). WebSnake automatically downloads anything you want quickly and easily.

We use the term "snake" to refer to the process of retrieving something from a website. You can snake anything from a single file to all the e-mail addresses to the entire site. The only limitation is your imagination.

What You Absolutely Need to Know

To get up and running quickly with WebSnake, there are a several concepts that you really need to understand. They're simple and will only take a few moments to cover:

Session vs. Project

Perhaps the most important concept is understanding the difference between a session and a project. Simply put, a session contains one or more projects.

A project contains all the necessary items to perform a snake, including the type of snake, the URL, and other associated properties. For example, snaking e-mail addresses from www.anawave.com is a different project than building a site map of www.anawave.com. One limitation in other off-line browsers is that it's difficult to perform separate snaking operations on the same website.

Think of a session as a group or category of projects. You can more effectively organize your projects by separating them into sessions (e.g. separating Entertainment-related projects from Sports- or Business-related ones). This will reduce the amount of clutter on WebSnake's main screen by streamlining what is displayed in the session tree. Also, grouping projects into sessions can aid in security. For example, if you had some websites that you didn't want anyone else to see, you could group their corresponding projects into a session, then place it in a secured location.

If You Get Stuck

Whenever you're not sure what to do or how to snake something, use our Project Wizard to lead you step-by-step through the process. It's fast and easy. If you're ready to start, click on the Add button on the main screen or select the Add Project Wizard command in the File menu.

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