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"Get It!" review from Windows95.com

C|Net's Download.com "Editor's Top Pick" and "User's Most Popular List"

Free Zone, "Five Head" rating

Tip World

Stroud's CWSApps List
"Five Star" rating

PC World's Windows 95 Shareware Pick of the Day (7/18/97)

TUCOWS, "Five Cow" rating

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"Five Star" rating

"Five Skull" Rating

CMP's Filemine Featured Jewel

"Anawave's easy-to-use WebSnake offers a whole new approach to offline Web browsing. It uses "intelligent pull" technology, allowing users to filter unwanted data and retrieve the information they want."

ZDNet Hotfiles.com

"Anawave WebSnake is a powerful offline browser designed exclusively for Windows 95/NT. In addition to offering offline browsing, WebSnake is unique in that it uses Anawave's proprietary intelligent pull technology to search and retrieve files from the World Wide Web."

CNET Download.com

"A great new software application that will fetch web pages from the Internet and place them on your hard drive so that you can browse them later with your favorite browser."


"If you are already an off-line browsing fan, WebSnake is sure to become one of your favorite applications."

PC Magazine Online

"A 32-bit intelligent agent that offers more than just offline browsing"

Stroud's CWSApps List

"But that's why we think Today's Cool Tool, WebSnake stands out from the pack so much. Not only does it have a really spiffy logo, but as offline browsers go WebSnake rocks because it does something that most of its other offline browser brethren don't -- it actually does stuff that people need!"

Andover's "Cool Tool of the Day"

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